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about this website

this website is built in html.
is static and has no javascript.
i built it from scratch (using w3 guidance).
and i just learned html to make mel.eccs.world.
all of those decisions are very intentional with various reasons* behind them.

i ask you: have you ever made a website?
if yes, you'll understand better the challenges of designing for three thousand (exageration, or maybe not :p) screen sizes, and different browsers.
if not, well, since the previous sentence i may have made you think about it.
so, if you are seeing this website in your mobile device, or in a "small screen". i bet you've already noticed 'something'.

to keep it simple, i decided to make it more friendly for desktop (very hard decision to make for me, but trying to let go of some control). one reason behind it, is the main photo i focused the whole design of the website on.
you will have a better experience if you browse this in your desktop in a fullscreen window. or, if you are too trapped in your smartphone, at least(?) see it horizontally.
i would appreciate it.

p.s. writing this, i just decided that the "*" that i write in a post in a word/sentence, will be a sign that i'll make a post about the topic. and if there's a link, it'll mean that the post has been written.