en fiu

about my perspective

let's begin by acknowledging that "objectivity"* does not exist.
with this post i want to clarify the perspective which i'll be talking from.
what is the context that informs me.
letting show the biases (haha, irónico!) i may have.
sure. but i'm trying to be responsible and transparent!
i was born in mexico.
in mexico city.
i use she/they pronouns*.
i identify as a person of color*;
even though my skin is closer to a light tone, and my hair doesn't defy gravity*.
medium class.
private education.
i have a bachelors degree.
i speak spanish (supposedly(?));
english (even mooore supposedly).
i've been living in brooklyn, ny for 2.5 years (a febrero 2019).
artist (whatever(?) comes to your mind with that).
i'm in favor of neutral language;
and it's simplification, especially in spanish!
in favor of respecting the living world* and all beings!
in favor of the possibility of various worlds* existing at the same time!
in favor of freedom;
i.e. in favor of privacy*!
in favor of systems that do not exploit the living world, the bodies, time...!
in favor of resistance!
feminist* (in case there was still a doubt, jiji).

these is what comes to my mind, up until the publication of the post.
beware! it's not static at all.
surely, it'll be updated -adding, deleting-.
let me grow, be wrong, change my mind freely.
sounds good?