en fiu


some recomendations, and/or what informs me.
what makes understand myself and the world.
without an specific order, letting it out as it comes.

español.- sangre fucsia, ¿de qué tiene hambre tu vida?, radio ambulante, bien comer/nu3, el desarmador, autodefensa informática.
english.- heroine by majo molfino, irl - online life is real life, the minimalists, how i built this.

english.- emergent strategy - adrienne maree brown; the real wealth of nations - riane eisler; a field guide to getting lost, men explain things to me, - rebecca solnit; bitch doctrine:essays for dissenting adults - laurie penny;milk and honey - rupi kaur; tao te ching - lao tze (translation by stephen mitchell).
español.- teatro del oprimido, augusto boal; momo - michael ende; rumbo a la cima - josé manuel vega báez.

urban bush women, john cage, se¿o, sydnie l. mosley dances, shanti vera, gibney dance community action.

español.- sin comentarios, bien comer.
english.- mj gordon, ana akana.

english.- true cost; rotten; losing sight of shore; miss representation; 13th; the mask you live in.

english.- dear white people, black mirror.

español.- enlace zapatista.

note: this list represents the things i think are the best and most relevant for me, from what i consume (because the list could be larger). it focuses in the time period i've began to live in new york in august 2016 to today, 2019.
probably, hopefully! there'll be updates.