en fiu

about translation

as i said in the first post: my intention is to write in español or en english or espanglish.
as my thoughts go out in the moment of writing. to keep it simple for me.
translating is a lot of labor and i don't want this to become a burden*.

don't get me wrong, i don't intend this to seem like i don't care if you cannot read me or speak the language i wrote in. i don't say "understand me", because that's not even given if we speak the 'same' language.
i care if you are interested in knowing me, that you can read me. and i'm placing the possible labor of translating on you, which can be a factor for you to stop coming here. i'm in a crossroads.

but instead of freezing and procrastinate because it becomes too much for me, since the next post i'll stop translating.
what about if you use my posts as a light reading to help you learn/practice another language? or even two? counting espanglish!