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i envision a world in which there is harmony and equity, where the living planet and all bodies are respected, free from exploitation and oppression, where art and movement are integral tools for wellness, social engagement and change.

i use art as a means of transformation and social change by focusing in creating connections between people to find healing, reflection and empathy, igniting equity and empowerment. i strive to achieve it through movement, interactive and participatory installations, workshops and conversations.

i'm from mexico city. currently, i reside in brooklyn, ny.
i use she/they pronouns. i'm an artist, performer and arts organizer.

i'm part of the project flores horizontales and the collective. i was part of the 2018 new york foundation for the arts "immigrant artist mentoring program: social practice". i hold a certification from nyc's health department as a mental health first aider and nyc's gibney dance's institute for community action training program. i co-founded escenaconsejo in 2013, a mexican performance and multimedia company.